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The number of China's warp knitting machine into account for 85% of the world's strongest force

Date:2013-08-21 14:15:05

Reporters from the Chinese textile industry association was informed that: at present, the number of warp knitting machinery in China accounted for 85% of the world. Warp knitting industry derived from the "spark plan", not only from the local grassroots economy transformation as the pillar industry, has become China's textile industry in the world, the highest concentration of the growth momentum of the most fierce, strong profitability and important branch. Warp knitting is a knitting textile technology field. Compared with the traditional weft warp knitted fabric technology, better elasticity, stronger stability, more feature rich, has a higher return on investment and more extensive application domain. Small underwear, socks and other network to civilian products, medical, construction, water conservancy, electricity, aviation equipment and other high-tech industries, the application cannot do without the warp knitted fabric. The first quarter of this year, affected by raw material constraints and factors of rising costs and other factors, China's traditional cotton textile industry competitiveness in the international market is severely damaged, the international market share declined. However, worry in the see hi, in recent years the rapid development of warp knitting industry report brisk, become a new bright spot in the textile industry growth. See output. Last year, above scale textile enterprises total industrial output growth to a larger decline, but the value of warp knitting industry cluster in Zhejiang, Changle, Fujian Yang xunqiao Jiangsu renluc Representatives has respectively achieved rapid growth in 20%, 30% and 50%. Calculating benefit. The first quarter of this year, China's main business income scale textile enterprises increased by 13.19%, the warp knitting industry is an increase of 38.5%; the whole industry realized a total profit year-on-year increase of 13.47%, an increase of 18.5% in warp knitting industry. Warp knitting industry revenue and profit growth in both the leading textile industry. Than export. In the first quarter of this year, China's textile export growth has picked up, but only 10.44%. In contrast, a quarter of China's warp knitted mesh fabric, warp knitted cloth exports grew 130%, 72.88%, or the most powerful; lace fabric continues to improve, the export value rose 33.96%. Warp knitting machine, a quarter of the amount of exports rose 58%, export price rose 124.87%, while the amount of imports fell 69.28%, reflecting the rapid promotion of the core technology strength of China's warp knitting industry.

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