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Problems and Countermeasures of domestic plastic braiding machine

Date:2015-03-02 16:49:19

With the expansion of plastic raw materials industry, since 1980s, China's plastics machinery enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like established, developed, can blossom everywhere. After 20 years of development, China's plastics machinery industry has become one of the top ten industries, the rapid development of China's packaging industry to provide effective protection. At the same time, the development of modern science and technology put forward higher and newer requirements for machinery manufacturing industry, the basic role of the more embodies the machinery manufacturing industry as a whole in the high-tech industry to push the whole society technological progress and industrial upgrading can not be replaced. As the driving force of national economic growth and technological upgrading, the mechanical industry will develop together with the development of high and new technologies and new industries.

First, the domestic status quo and development of plastic equipment

2003 is the history of the development of the plastic machinery of a prosperous year. According to incomplete statistics, in 2003 China Subian machinery output value of about 2 billion 100 million yuan, more than 20% growth in 2002. In 2003, the number of China's exports of plastic weaving machinery varieties, output increase significantly, mainly exported to the former Soviet Union and other countries and India and Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and other developing countries. As the number of China's production of plastic equipment increase and improve the quality of technological progress, foreign low Subian machinery has been basically out of the market of our country, and our country has begun to occupy the international market for machinery. The information reported, China Subian machinery exports accounted for 38% of world exports of plastic weaving machinery. In 2004 the export volume in China Subian machinery will continue to maintain growth momentum. Some experts predict that by 2008 China's exports of plastic weaving machinery may account for the amount of more than 50% of the world exports of plastic weaving machinery. To make the domestic plastics machinery industry healthy and sustainable development, has the certain competitive ability in the world, you need to calmly find out the gap, increasing high technology content, make into Subian machinery electronic technology, computer technology, network technology more, to achieve automatic control, automatic diagnosis, automatic adjustment, so that the China plastic machinery the smooth development of industry. For plastic machinery development, we can learn from the experience of Germany, we must first understand the customer demand content:

1, high productivity, in order to meet the requirements of the delivery time and reduce the cost of process flow;

2, to adapt to the needs of product updates, packaging machinery to have a high degree of flexibility and flexibility;

3, equipment failure, the failure of the remote diagnosis service;

4, less environmental pollution, including noise, dust and waste pollution are less;

5, the purchase of equipment investment as little as possible, the price as low as possible.

To meet the needs of users, Subian machinery enterprises should strive to do:

1, process automation;

2, mechanical design automation;

3, with the high resolution of the material and thickness;

4, improve productivity, reduce process cost, to meet production requirements.

Industry experts predict that:

1, according to statistics from 2001-2010, the average annual growth of the market demand of China's plastic mechanical products is about 6%, will attract more enterprises to join in this industry, which also makes the domestic market competition is more intense.

2, some foreign Subian machinery concentrated in high-grade precision technology to the absolute leader in the technology of the continuous influx of domestic market.

3, domestic research institutions specializing in plastic machinery is too small, the overall development ability is not strong, the domestic plastic machinery enterprises to go is an introduction, imitation and manufacture of road caused by the performance of the same. To improve the capability of technical development and the level of equipment, to provide personalized services for enterprises, is a professional machinery manufacturers must solve the problem.

The production status of 4, China plastic industry, is bound to hinder equipment sales, especially some of the immediate interests, no long-term goal, equipment, plastic equipment manufacturers supply the so-called regardless of the quality of the equipment crudely made, some manufacturers sell more than ten thousand yuan a circular knitting machine, and now the steel to seven, eight thousand yuan a ton. This situation of domestic plastics machinery manufacturers how to treat.

So we are currently experiencing difficulties not only to product innovation, management innovation, but more importantly, the environment, a good market environment for effective institutions.

From the first half of 2004, the whole country is obviously a potential crisis, with the national macro-control of cement, iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum industry and the control of domestic economic growth, we have clearly felt the pressure of domestic sales. Plastic equipment manufacturing enterprises have time to re shuffle. The strength of the enterprise will be able to tide over the difficulties, and some do not have the strength, only the immediate interests of enterprises will be eliminated. The next two years will be a test period, so how an enterprise production and sustainable development of it how to pull this off.

Two, plastic equipment technical improvement and quality of the products provided for

No good equipment will not produce plastic high quality plastic products, have a great relationship for equipment technology improvement and improve the quality of plastic products. Today's rapid development of plastic products to provide strong support for the development of plastic machinery products, while the industry will be more intense competition. Packaging machinery industry in the future will be equipped with

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