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Forecast after ten years of development China plastic industry

Date:2016-03-12 14:12:34

One, "11th Five-Year" for prediction of economic indexes

Under the background of economic globalization, China's industrial structure is in the internationalization of woven continuously, woven products demand is also constantly internationalization. China's plastic products will continue to face strong competition in India and other developing countries.

(1) output

Prediction of "12th Five-Year" period, China's plastic products will increase at a rate of 20% per year, based on "11th Five-Year" at the end of 2010, the total output of 8 million 800 thousand tons of plastic industry, to the end of 2015, to reach 21 million 900 thousand tons. The overall rate of growth may be slightly lower than the average annual rate of 25% during the period of 11th Five-Year.

(2) output value

"11th Five-Year" at the end of the period, for the output value of about 105 billion yuan. "12th Five-Year" at the end of the period, for the output value will reach 270 billion yuan (this value is almost constant in the plastic raw material prices under the condition of prediction).

(3) product variety

Prediction of "12th Five-Year" period, all kinds of plastic products accounted for the proportion of total output slightly changed: container bags accounted for about 12%, compared with a five annual growth of 3%, a main reason for the growth of events is the international and domestic demand growth of containerized bags. Woven bags accounted for about 35%; and the last one was essentially flat for the past five years. Cement bags accounted for about 40%, down from the previous five years, the main reason for the decline is the decline in domestic cement bulk rate of 3%. Tarpaulin, building fence, shade net accounted for about 4%, and a five year flat. Mesh bags accounted for about 2%, and a five year flat. Wire rope and other plastic products 7%, including the new plastic product development application possible.

(4) number of enterprises

"11th Five-Year" at the end of the period, China's plastic weaving industry 2666 above scale enterprises, the whole industry has about 10000 plastic. The National Bureau of statistics divides the standard scale of enterprises from the annual sales income of 5 million yuan changed to 20 million yuan, to the "12th Five-Year" at the end of the period, China's large-scale chemical enterprise may reach 2000, the chemical enterprise will remain nearly 10000. Although the "12th Five-Year" period for production doubled, the number of enterprises for unchanged forecast is based on the woven industrial restructuring process, small chemical enterprise reorganization, integration, and other factors in the closed reduction.

(5) number of employees

"11th Five-Year" at the end of the period, the scale of employees more than 327931 people for enterprises, all woven industry with about 430000 employees. "12th Five-Year" at the end of the period, the plastic industry with about 500000 employees, most likely to reach 600000 people. Employing an annual increase of about 4%, up to about an annual increase of about 6%. "12th Five-Year" during the annual output increased about 20%, increasing personnel reduced, this is due to rising labor costs, reduce labor must be woven. While China's population growth is slow, increase of population aging, labor shortage, must limit plastic employment growth.

(6) energy consumption index

"11th Five-Year" during the average energy consumption of 1750 kwh / ton for plastic products, "11th Five-Year" period, woven industrial energy saving has been like a raging fire, more than half of the plastic enterprises in the energy-saving, success, the average energy consumption index decreased to plastic products 1300 degrees / tons. "12th Five-Year" at the end of the forecast products woven average energy consumption index decreased to 1150 degrees / tons, from the international advanced level there is a certain gap between 1000 degrees / ton.

(7) sales profit

"12th Five-Year" period, plastic products average sales price remained in the "11th Five-Year" period on the basis of 5% price increases slightly year by year. The main reason is the price of the personnel wages prices, electricity prices and transportation costs rise, plastic raw material prices. Corporate profits remained at around 3——8%.

(8) export trade

"12th Five-Year" period, plastic products export trade may be decreased year by year, the main reason is that China's economy will maintain rapid development, enhance the value of labor, and India chemical enterprise competition gradually lose the advantage of labor force.

Two, 12th Five-Year industry forecast

(1) industry structure

The industrial structure marks the distribution of a country's industrial distribution and the degree of concentration (clusters) and other issues. Changes in industrial structure is a major event in the industry.

Prediction of "12th Five-Year" period, large-scale chemical enterprise migration will put out the interest of small scale chemical enterprise migration is happening all the time, is to transfer from rural to poorer remote mountainous areas development. This has great influence on the plastic industry pattern will not.

Of more concern is the poverty-stricken self woven enterprises and large chemical, oil, salt and sugar to do business diversified chemical enterprise will A new force suddenly rises.

Woven industrial clusters will be the development of local government support, but there is no "11th Five-Year" period of rapid.

Whether it is plastic industrial clusters or the rise of new chemical enterprise, is conducive to the survival of the common features of chemical enterprise, namely, cheap labor, raw material supply line, product sales close, export trade port in favorable conditions. This is a trend in the future five years woven industrial pattern changes, but also with the market economy of our country gradually mature inevitable result.

In the next five years, in the world economic system, the market economy in our country more mature conditions, China's woven industrial cluster approach to layout will be more reasonable, adapt to the "economic law of the students out of" the survival of the market.

(2) for the adjustment of industrial structure

During the period of "12th Five-Year", under the background of economic globalization

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