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To improve the competitiveness of enterprises for people-oriented

Date:2016-03-12 14:12:43

First, people-oriented corporate culture

The theory of corporate culture is due to the rapid rise of Japanese enterprises in 1960s - 1970s. At the beginning of the 1980s, American scholars carried out a large number of comparative studies on the management mode of American and Japanese enterprises, and put forward the concept of corporate culture. Enterprise culture is formed in the long-term production practice, for the majority of employees to recognize and put into practice the enterprise values, behavior standards and behavior of the sum. Compared with Japanese companies, American enterprises emphasize the three "hard S" strategy, structure, system in the management process, and Japanese firms do not deny that in three "S hard" under the premise of a good balance between the rest of the four "soft S" namely personnel, skill, style and common values; the main features of the Japanese enterprise management is a people-oriented management philosophy, based on the needs of people, the implementation of people-oriented management.

With the deepening of China's reform, the core content of the construction of enterprise culture, the management of people, gradually by the enterprise managers' attention, and as the main content of the construction of enterprise culture, to study and use. "People-oriented" in the "we" can be interpreted as "fundamental", can also be interpreted as "capital (human capital)". People oriented corporate culture emphasizes human centered management, that is to respect people, understand people, care about people, rely on people, develop people and serve people. In the enterprise management, the main body of management is human, the primary object of management is human, and all the activities of the enterprise are accomplished by human beings. Through the effective incentive to the people to give full play to people's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, in order to maximize the potential of mining, to better achieve personal goals and organizational goals fit. As a new social phenomenon, enterprise culture is the highest level of enterprise management. Practice has proved that all the people oriented management of the enterprise, the enterprise is full of vigor and vitality; on the contrary, in a state of dull and quiet.

Two, people oriented role in business management

1, people-oriented is the cornerstone of modern management theory

Enterprise management is the soul of enterprise. One does not have its own enterprise culture of enterprise management is often conformity, its employees have no sense of ownership, so the enterprise can not be long. Taking a broad view of the domestic and foreign large-scale enterprise management has changed from the material centered management to the human centered management, which is more and more prominent in the survival and development of enterprises. As a manager, to manage the staff, we must not ignore the people-oriented management.

2, people-oriented is the driving force for enterprise development

Take the human as the instinct to raise the staff's sense of ownership effectively, let the staff and workers participate in the management of the enterprise, arouse the enthusiasm of the staff and workers to the maximum extent. Let the employees in power, cultivate their overall concept, correctly handle the state, collective and individual interests. So that the honor of the pros and cons of workers and the fate of the company closely together, the company's goals and personal goals of employees effectively combine to enhance the centripetal force, cohesion and motivation.

3, people-oriented to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises

To survive and develop, enterprises must be competitive. The "people-oriented" and constantly enhance the staff's awareness of self-reliance, competition consciousness, efficiency consciousness and innovative spirit, and constantly improve their professional technical level and quality of management, to achieve "strong quality, outside tree image, can lead the way in the competition. Therefore, a lot of people-oriented management of enterprises to help employees develop career development plans, in order to achieve the development of enterprises and the coordinated development of personal development.

Three, to build an effective way of people-oriented business management

The essence of corporate culture is the common value orientation of all employees. It is a kind of atmosphere for all employees to strive for progress and teamwork. So, how to strengthen the people-oriented, so as to form a full set of personalized corporate culture atmosphere, promote the harmonious development of enterprises? I think we should start from the following aspects.

To explore the effective ways and methods to build a people-oriented business management, to the management of people as the fundamental, to create a unique corporate culture as the core, work motive force of the development of enterprise to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; to enhance efforts; in the enhancement of enterprise cohesion.

1, adhere to the staff in the product, set up the concept of staff as the center, and continuously enhance the driving force of enterprise development

That people-oriented business management concept, the factors of production, human elements play a decisive role, establish the employee centered concept, adhere to the staff on the product, its meaning from the following three aspects:

One should take people as the core of the enterprise, to understand the human nature and psychological activities, pay attention to human nature, value, status and role, fully embodies the human nature, affinity, in the enterprise management should be advocated to work smarter, the pursuit of management of human, artistic form, different individual characteristics and advantages and strive to create the atmosphere of cooperation, "fuzzy" concept, highlighting the "physical" composition.

The two is that all management ideas should focus on people is the most valuable resources, enterprise management should take the people-oriented corporate culture, the management of the material should be achieved through the management of the people and through the

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