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Most of the domestic textile machinery and equipment import substitution is the weakness of reliability

Date:2013-08-21 14:13:39

Compared with imported equipment, what is the gap between domestic equipment? Domestic equipment to enhance the space where? What is the user's evaluation of the domestic equipment? What are the expectations? The day before, the use of domestic textile machinery equipment, this reporter conducted a comprehensive survey in the form of a questionnaire survey. The survey found that the domestic textile machinery has replaced the imported textile machinery to a certain extent, has become an important choice of textile enterprises, especially in the ring spinning machine, roving machine and other equipment, domestic equipment has become mainstream. Respondents generally believe that the domestic textile machinery exist poor stability and low degree of automation problems, and these problems are most concerned about the issue of respondents. Domestic equipment can meet the requirements of survey found that domestic spinning company can meet the production requirements of the respondents accounted for 73.1%, the highest of all kinds of equipment, followed by blowingcarding (69.2%), (65.4%) drawing, roving machine, comber (65.4%) (53.8%). More than 5 kinds of equipment that can meet the production requirements of the respondents are more than half, indicating that domestic equipment in some areas, especially cotton sets has made a breakthrough, and recognized by the users. In the interview, zhink Group Limited R & D Center Research Manager Dong Guandong said, promote the company's roving and spinning machine is the use of domestic equipment, carding machine and drawing frame are also starting to use domestic equipment, but the rotor spinning and vortex spinning machine are all imported equipment. At present, our country has rarely imported roving machine, which indicates that the domestic roving machine has been able to meet the production requirements of domestic enterprises. Deputy general manager of Jiangxi branch Huang Jiugen said Enda worsted cotton, they still tend to choose equipment in domestic equipment, domestic equipment of roving machine, Jiangsu Taihang textile machinery kaigong combing machine can meet the requirements of the company's technology. Price, service advantages survey found that 85.7% of respondents believe that the main advantages of domestic equipment is reasonable price, the highest proportion of the options to choose. There are a number of respondents believe that the advantages of domestic textile machinery and equipment is convenient maintenance, good customer service service (50%) (46.4%) and accessories at reasonable prices (46.4%). Thus, although the domestic equipment in terms of stability, manufacturing quality, the degree of automation is still insufficient, but its price advantage, the advantages of parts service in place is also very obvious. Some textile enterprises of technical personnel that imported equipment, although the production efficiency is high, the stability is good, but the investment is big, the later maintenance cost is higher. Huang Jiugen said, now the level of domestic equipment is relatively high, can meet the technological requirements, especially in terms of price, customer service service compared with imported equipment have the advantage, however, the enterprise of domestic equipment in different customer service service, price and other aspects also have difference. In addition, Dong Guandong also said that the domestic equipment also has some advantages in terms of energy consumption, which may be due to the degree of automation of some domestic equipment and imported equipment, there are a number of reasons for the gap.

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