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The proportion of China's foreign trade import and export market decline

Date:2013-08-21 14:15:38
May 9th, the Ministry of Commerce held a foreign trade structure adjustment conference, expounded the current situation of China's foreign trade structure and the next development trend. According to reports, China in 2012 four of the European Union and the United States, Japan, Hongkong Chinese traditional market import and export accounted for China's import and export accounted for 44%, 6.2 percentage points lower than in 2007 50.2%; import and export to emerging markets and developing countries to increase the proportion of 6.2 percentage points. In 2012 the general trade export growth of 4.4 percentage points faster than the processing trade, the proportion of total exports increased 4 percentage points higher than in 2007; industrial structure from labor-intensive processing trade into both labor intensive and capital intensive and technology intensive, manufacturing degree deepens, constantly improve the product structure, continue to extend the industrial chain. At the same time, China's foreign trade showed a new trend is as follows: first, some enterprises in order to change the profit of OEM and low risk problem, beginning refused to accept big orders, the production of high quality, small batch of high-end products, occupy the high-end market segments, to grasp the price right. Two export market transformation. While consolidating the traditional market, companies are also actively developing new markets in South America, Africa, the middle east. Three sales channel transformation. In the past, foreign trade enterprises through the foundry, agent way, by boat to sea". Now enterprises attach great importance to the construction of overseas channels, began to go to the sea through the shipbuilding, buy a boat to expand exports. Four is the transformation of the processing area. In recent years, the eastern coastal enterprises began to transfer to the mainland, the sales, research and development institutions in the eastern coastal cities, and production and processing to the mainland.

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