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  • Product name: Air-jet loom
  • Product number: 01

Let off system
Servo feed system. The tension sensor, signal processing, accurate detection of changes of warp tension, the servo controller for AC servo motor drive, so as to control the warp, the electronic control system to compensate for the change of beam diameter at the same time, sent by the high precision, the warp tension constant.
Shedding system
Use of positive cam openings, multi arm openings (optional). Can adapt to the plain, twill and satin fabric. Cam box parts using oil bath lubrication, not easy to damage. After using the double beam, active loose warp tension device through the tension sensor will transfer to the control panel, the CPU always maintain uniform tension control.
Control system
The utility model has the functions of frequency conversion slow electric and automatic weft searching, and is convenient to operate, and the utility model is provided with two parking positions. Here, there is a slow weft insertion function, is conducive to check the loom weft insertion state. Electronic weft storage, electronic weft insertion, man-machine interface are 32 bit CPU control, powerful, fast operation.

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